Presenting the argument for Server upgrades

Posted by Jody King on 05/06/16 22:00

Waiting too long to upgrade your servers may be tempting fate.  And when it comes to making the case for an upgrade you should focus on business benefits, not the technology, as this article by our colleagues at BigAir recommends: 

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Data protection done right: why CIOs need to invest in cloud backup solutions

Posted by Chris Fydler on 12/05/16 13:46


Data protection continues to be a challenge for organisations. And with the ever-increasing number of users, data and network connections, 2016 is going to be more challenging than ever for from a cyber security perspective, particularly here in Australia. Australia has displaced Brazil, the UK and Canada to become the world’s most targeted country for online attacks. It’s never been more important for CIOs to get their data backup strategy right – and the way to do it is with the cloud. 

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How digital technologies are changing the IT manager's role

Posted by Richard Mitton on 26/04/16 15:03


According to a recent Telsyte study, the top priority for Australian organisations this year is improving profitability by driving top line revenue growth and realising bottom line cost savings, and many are looking to digital technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud to achieve this. With the cloud, for example, organisations are able to improve operational efficiency, lower CAPEX costs, and capitalise on commercial flexibility by paying on a consumption basis. The C-suite is beginning to realise the value of technology in driving business results, so what does this mean for you as an IT manager?

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Infographic: the future of cloud computing

Posted by Chris Fydler on 14/04/16 14:02


Cloud adoption grew within Australian organisations throughout 2015, and this growth is set to continue in 2016, with industry analyst Telsyte predicting expansion within the local cloud market. This uptake in adoption is being driven by both traditional IT pressures and emerging technology. Cost reduction, time-to-market, scalability are ongoing traditional IT pressures CIOs face and this is being compounded by emerging workloads like Big Data analytics, the Internet of Things and personal apps in the workplace.

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The IT manager’s guide to preparing for the CIO role

Posted by Richard Mitton on 29/03/16 15:58

After managing the IT department, putting out the fires, encouraging the staff to do their best and proving the value of the unit to the CEO and board, the next logical step in your career is the CIO's office. Preparing yourself for career advancement would seem to be the most self-centric task facing you as the IT manager, but the skills you'll need to do so will actually make you a better boss and colleague to your staff.

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How IT managers can stay ahead of industry trends

Posted by Richard Mitton on 16/03/16 16:30


It's a cliché that technology changes constantly, but it's changing faster all the time, and that makes staying ahead of the curve a full time job in itself. Before you dismiss such concerns, remember your job might just depend on it. Less that 13 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 are still with us. If that trend continues on a steady curve, every Fortune 500 company we have today will be extinct in 59 years. In 1965 the life expectancy of any company was 75 years. Today it's 15.

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CIO vs. CMO: Putting the partnership into practice

Posted by Chris Fydler on 04/03/16 10:21


Today’s IT executive needs to have a holistic approach, viewing issues from the combined perspective of the other department heads – one of the most important being the CMO. In a recent blog we discussed how the CIO and CMO need to work together to facilitate digital transformation. But while this sounds good in theory, how can the two departments foster that balance in practical terms?

According to an Accenture report, improving customer experience is the top business priority for businesses pursuing digital transformation, and both IT and marketing are required to achieve this. IT brings an innovative vision for what’s technically possible and desirable in the future, and marketing brings insights from customer needs and experiences, and creates a brand these customers can relate to and engage with. In a perfect world, the CMO and CIO would align around the common goal to deliver a seamless and engaging customer experience, but too often they let tensions get in the way.

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From backroom to boardroom: transforming the IT department into an innovation hub

Posted by Richard Mitton on 19/02/16 14:05


Your daily, weekly and quarterly duties have no doubt filled up your calendar, and innovation is something that's expected to drop into your lap – and on your own time and outside the official IT budget. What's more, your 'official' duties are usually augmented by constantly putting out the kind of fires that come up in any IT operation when you don't have a plan to deal with it. Your CIO is breathing down your neck expecting you to be innovative, but it's all you can do to go home at night and be grateful there hasn't been some catastrophe. 

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Tips for IT managers on working more closely with the CIO

Posted by Richard Mitton on 12/02/16 11:49


No matter what your industry or organisational profile, as an IT manager you're in the business of relationships – with customers, vendors, suppliers and colleagues. Your CIO isn't only the boss – he or she is a resource you should be working with as closely as possible. The problem is, when you spend all day going from one crisis to another, how do you find time (and encroach on your CIO's time) to strategise more? 

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How to fight less fires and make time for strategy

Posted by Richard Mitton on 05/02/16 09:42


Finding time to plan and strategise often feels like getting blood out of a stone for an IT manager. Here's a secret; if you do it right, it will give you more time. How? Strategy is a self-fulfilling prophecy. When your head's down in the day-to-day technicalities of running an IT department you can't see the big picture. Every email, support call, server restart and purchase order feels like the most important thing of the day, all of it buzzing around your head in a cloud. You need perspective to see what really matters.

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