Solutions need to cater for the multiple levels of incidents that can interrupt business processes — ranging from loss of a single file, through full Disaster Recovery (DR).

A strategic approach is called for, coupled with astute selection and implementation of the optimum infrastructure for each organisation. Our range of solutions is designed to provide:

  • The optimal solution to meet the required RTOs and RPOs, irrespective of how aggressive they are.
  • Business continuity solutions that can also support full DR.
  • Cost effective business continuity for ROBOs.
Data Infrastructure

Effective business continuity is about eliminating single points of failure in your environment where possible to create a more fault tolerant environment. Oriel offers a full and rich portfolio of solutions for building your data infrastructure.

Backup Solutions

In practice, the type of backup solution required will be driven by the RTOs and RPOs of the business.
Oriel has extensive practical experience of designing backup solutions to meet a wide variety of RTOs and RPOs. Our expertise covers the range, from the basic to the most sophisticated.

  • Physical tape backup solutions
  • Disk–to–disk–to–tape (D2D2T) and VTL solutions
  • Virtualisation backup solutions
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solutions
  • Journaling backup solutions

Oriel’s backup solutions also include additional features such as deduplication and WAN optimisation. These bring greater efficiencies to backing up large volumes of data and addressing the challenges of centralised backups of ROBO data.

Recovery Infrastructure

Oriel offers its customers the option of a hosted Office Recovery Centre at Oriel’s headquarters in Lane Cove, providing a fully managed, low cost solution.

Archiving & Compliance

Businesses need to provide continuous data protection, accessibility and availability for their own purposes, as well as to meet compliance requirements and respond to searches and audits when necessary.

We’ll provide solutions that allow cost-effective storage of large volumes of historic data, whilst keeping it online for fast access and recovery. It enables you to free up expensive storage to significantly improve your operational efficiency and control costs.