Many organisations are struggling with costly and complex infrastructure that is too slow to adapt to their changing needs. Whether you have already consolidated, virtualised and centralised your infrastructure or not, your next move is vital to setting you on the path toward IT speed and agility. Oriel can help you move along the converged infrastructure path to cloud computing —to where you need to be for your business.

Why HP?

Oriel recommends HP as the leading provider of standards–based server and storage building blocks and an innovator in turnkey, purpose built converged systems such as HP VirtualSystem and HP CloudSystems. Modernising your data centre with HP Converged Infrastructure solutions – including the award–winning Integrity and ProLiant servers and storage products – means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to meeting your business needs today and beyond. You can choose the right levels of performance, availability, scalability, and manageability from the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of data centre infrastructure.

Why Oriel?

Oriel is an HP Premier Business Partner with many years of extensive experience in the design and implementation of HP systems infrastructure and systems migration. Oriel has been a leader amongst integrators in converged infrastructure and understands how your business can capitalise on these technologies with solutions that suit your business needs. Our proven track record in delivering solutions that are robust, innovative and cost effective is one of the many reasons our customers remain with us for the long term. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Why HP Converged Infrastructure?

At the heart of HP Converged Infrastructure is the ultimate end state of having any workload, anywhere, anytime. It’s all about a common way to get things done.

This is achieved through a systematic approach that brings all server, storage, and networking resources together into a common pool. It brings together management tools, policies, and processes so resources and applications are managed in a holistic, integrated manner.

It also includes embedded security to provide protection from today’s sophisticated security threats at both the perimeter and interior of your business. And it brings together power and cooling management capabilities so systems and facilities work together.

HP Converged Infrastructure
Accelerate IT for faster time to value for your business

HP Converged Infrastructure enables cloud computing, consolidation, the ability to more optimally run and protect mission–critical workloads, upgrade or converge applications, extend virtualisation across the data center, and increase energy efficiency.

  • Accelerate innovation – Shift IT spend away from operations and double resources focused on innovation.
  • Accelerate responsiveness – Simplify IT through automation, cloud, and pre-packaged, workload-optimised systems.
  • Accelerate cloud – Establish the ideal foundation for cloud; become the service broker.
  • Accelerate security – Secure IT through solutions that are quicker to install; update filters more often and block more than twice as many attacks.
  • Accelerate disaster recovery – Enhance disaster recovery by 80 percent, simplify multi-site failover and reduce downtime to seconds.
  • Accelerate ROI – Double utilisation, leverage existing investments, reduce energy costs, and triple data center capacity.

Foundation for HP Converged Cloud

A converged cloud strategy provides simplicity, speed, reduced cost and risk, and compliance. HP Converged Cloud is a common architectural foundation across traditional IT and private, managed, and public clouds. It provides the capabilities to manage, secure, and govern across these models while enabling integration and efficient management with your traditional IT environment.

The Journey – Take it at your own pace

Most customers are at different stages of convergence or IT maturity. Some are still quite siloed and are just starting to consolidate their IT infrastructure. Others have virtualised most of their server environment and are now in the process of virtualising their storage and network resources. While a few have started to automate the provisioning of infrastructure.

The path toward convergence and ultimately a hybrid cloud environment can happen gradually, with each step helping to optimise your current IT infrastructure while laying the foundation for cloud–based approaches.

Why HP Cloud?

HP Converged Cloud is the industry’s first hybrid delivery approach and portfolio based on a common architecture that enables customers to build, manage, secure, and consume cloud services that span private, managed, and public clouds as well as traditional IT.

HP Converged Cloud is based on open standards and supports multivendor, heterogeneous software and hardware. It is built on industry–leading HP Converged Infrastructure, HP Converged Management and Security, HP Converged Information, and OpenStack technologies.

HP Converged Cloud diagram
Services Anywhere

Cloud is a key component of an organisation’s ability to gain unencumbered access to information technology –to access services anywhere. This will be done by creating a mix of on–premise and off–premise services that leverage the best of traditional IT, private, managed, and public cloud: a hybrid delivery environment.

HP CloudSystem differentiation

As an integrated system it unifies the control and delivery of cloud services, whether their provenance is your data center, or an external source such as AWS. With HP CloudSystem, you get a secure, scalable cloud solution that includes:

  • Industry’s most complete, integrated system to build and manage cloud services.
  • Single services view across private, public, and hybrid cloud
  • Multi–hypervisor, multi–OS, heterogeneous infrastructure
  • Intelligent automation and lifecycle management; infrastructureto–application
  • Broker service delivery across multiple clouds from a single, integrated point of control
  • Scalability and elasticity
  • Prepackaged service design tools

CloudSystem extensions

To meet a broad set of IT needs, you can extend HP CloudSystem’s core capabilities with a flexible array of proven HP software and hardware. Including:

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage
  • HP TippingPoint security
  • HP Networking
  • Mission–critical computing – Matrix Operating Environment for HP–UX
  • HP Software