Oriel is the first VMware Horizon DaaS partner in Australia.

Oriel has joined forces with the market leaders in virtualisation, VMware, to bring you Oriel DaaS – our business grade, fully managed, cloud–based virtual desktop service. With Oriel DaaS, our customers can thrive in the virtual era whilst driving real business results.

The Evolving Desktop

The desktop market is ever–changing. End users are more mobile than ever before and are accessing corporate resources from a variety of devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These new flexible business models, the need to reduce desktop TCO, and demand for mobile device support are driving organisations to re–evaluate their overall desktop strategy.

With the cloud now a viable business option, it makes sense for organisations to leverage cloud–hosted desktops to transform end user computing into next generation workspaces.

Businesses face the challenge of enabling this new mobile workforce without sacrificing security and control. Our customers need a robust, secure, and affordable solution that will accommodate shrinking IT budgets and varied end user demands, while allowing them to evolve desktop computing seamlessly.

What is DaaS?

Desktop–as–a–Service (DaaS) enables organisations to rapidly deploy desktops and applications as an easily managed, integrated cloud service to any device, anywhere.

Unlike traditional VDI, which requires large upfront investments and is complex to manage, DaaS delivers a complete virtual desktop from the cloud, providing all the benefits of VDI without any of the hassles. Virtual desktops are transformed from the CAPEX outlay inherent in enterprise onsite desktop virtualisation and physical PC refreshes into a predictable, easy to budget OPEX item.

By moving virtual desktops to the cloud rather than implementing an internally deployed and managed data centre, organisations can realise the benefits of virtual desktops including centralised management, improved data security, and simplified deployment.

What is Oriel DaaS?

Leveraging VMware&’s Horizon DaaS technology, Oriel has designed an elastic, scalable, and secure solution that not only reduces capital and operational costs, but elevates collaboration and innovation through a virtual desktop platform. The Oriel DaaS solution meets the security, compliance, and flexibility standards that Oriel’s customers have come to expect.

Oriel DaaS delivers a complete Windows OS desktop experience from the cloud, ensuring no hindrance to productivity and a drastic increase in efficiency, all as a monthly subscription service. Its always–on, device agnostic construction provides users with a completely customised and familiar experience from any device, and a desktop instance which maintains its status and integrity between each log in.

With Oriel DaaS, our customers can achieve the all–important balance between worker flexibility and manageability without compromising on corporate security or end user experience.

Choose Option 1: Oriel Standard DaaS

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2GB memory
  • 35GB Disk
  • Windows O/S
  • Uses either existing customer desktop licensing capabilities or Oriel–provided Microsoft Server images.
  • High performing on either dedicated or multi–tenant hardware.

Or Choose Option 2: Oriel Managed DaaS

The Oriel Managed DaaS offering comprises all the options of the Oriel Standard DaaS as well as access to:

  • Oriel Service Desk – provides the control and command centre for all customer IT services
  • Oriel End User Management – provides the user profile management, desktop and device management amongst other services.

Optimal Use Cases for Oriel DaaS

Businesses can realise a substantial impact on their operations by leveraging cloud-hosted desktops for key scenarios. Ideal use cases for desktops in the cloud include:

Cloud–Savvy Organisations

Many organisations are moving to a cloud–first model, from desktops to business–critical applications. Virtualisation is not just at the server level anymore – businesses are now looking to leverage the benefits of the cloud down to the end user and their end point device.

Small and Medium Businesses

Oriel DaaS is ideal for businesses that don’t have the in–house skills or endless IT resources required to deploy and manage physical or traditional virtual desktops. With Oriel DaaS, new users can be added quickly and easily from anywhere and within minutes through an intuitive, web–based secure portal.

Remote and Mobile Workers

Whether they are telecommuting, offshore, or contracting, virtual workers are becoming a larger percentage of the corporate end user population every year. With Oriel DaaS, businesses can support geographically dispersed workers in a cost–effective and secure manner. Contractors can easily access the corporate environment from their personal devices and employees can access their desktops when they are at home or on the road, even when they don’t have their own computer. Overseas workers can be granted access to the corporate network without concern that sensitive data will be at risk since it is not stored locally.

Elastic and Flexible Demands for Desktops

Many organisations need desktops for unique tasks or one-off projects. For example, developers need environments for building and testing applications. As a flexible cloud-hosted virtual desktop solution, Oriel DaaS enables rapid scaling of desktops to accommodate evolving needs, even for temporary purposes, without the need for major infrastructure changes or upgrades.

Windows 7 Migrations

Instead of having to replace or upgrade desktop computers in order to run Windows 7, Oriel DaaS enables businesses to leverage their existing hardware. Not only will organisations save money that would have otherwise been spent on near-term PC refreshes, they can also extend the life of their existing fleet beyond what would have been possible. When organisations do decide to replace their rich desktops, they can do so with less costly and more power-efficient thin client devices.

Desktop Disaster Recovery

Many organisations have DR strategies for their server infrastructure however these typically do not account for their desktops. In the event of a disaster, the impact on end users – and the wider business – can be detrimental. Oriel DaaS provides a cost–effective disaster recovery solution that can be implemented easily and rapidly.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merging to distinct entities into one productive organisation is fraught with challenges. A key to achieving business goals is the successful integration of IT systems and processes. Oriel DaaS enables businesses undergoing M’A integration to rapidly deliver consistent desktop images with access to the right applications and data to every user.

The Oriel Advantage

Oriel is the first VMware Horizon DaaS partner in Australia, making Oriel DaaS an exclusive solution and the only one of its kind available to Australian organisations. We are dedicated to providing a world class DaaS experience for our customers, so they can thrive in the virtual era whilst driving real business results.

Oriel’s offerings cover the spectrum of managed IT services – networking, systems, communications, support, managed WAN, infrastructure as a service, as well as private, hybrid, and public cloud. All of our services are designed with business needs in mind and meet the security, compliance, and flexibility standards that our customers have come to expect.

Our clients value our consultative approach and our ability to develop a deep understanding of their corporate environment, which allows us to help them plan for and meet their ongoing business objectives.