Oriel’s Infrastructure Management (IM) services are designed to assist you in the provision of IT services to your organisation, through the efficient monitoring and management of your IT Infrastructure.

These services span server, storage, networking (LAN, WAN and Wireless), security, unified communications, applications and other core IT infrastructure components within your business environment. The IM services offered by Oriel are comprised of two components, ORIZON® Monitoring services and Oriel Management services.

ORIZON® Monitoring

Provides end–to–end, centralised monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure with a comprehensive set of tools and features to allow rapid troubleshooting and resolution .Two levels of service are available:

ORIZON® Essentials

A low cost device monitoring service that provides alerts for the early detection of outages and performance bottlenecks, and general visibility of network health and device status.

ORIZON® Premium

An enhancement of the ORIZON® Essentials service that additionally provides detailed performance monitoring of the IT Infrastructure, and greater visibility of device and application specific detail, reports and information stores.

Oriel Management

Oriel Management provides a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to efficiently operate and maintain your IT Infrastructure. The following management services incorporate ORIZON® Premium monitoring and are delivered by the Oriel Management Centre (OMC). Two levels of service are available:

Managed Availability

A rapid response service that monitors the health and availability of your IT infrastructure and actively detects, diagnoses and resolves service related incidents as they occur.

Managed Performance

A highly proactive service that incorporates all of the Managed Availability features and additionally provides systematic reviews, analysis, recommendations and reporting for the early detection and prevention of potential issues affecting availability and performance.