Managed Cloud Backup harnesses innovative storage gateway technologies and the benefits of the cloud, for off–site backup data protection, redundancy and retrieval. This enables you to reduce risk, cut costs and gain business advantage without having to build and maintain expensive infrastructure.

Many organisations are grappling with the challenges of their backup infrastructure and processes, as well as their ability to comply with business and regulatory standards. Backup windows are blowing out due to the explosion of data growth within their IT environments. Tape backup is slow, unreliable and puts data at risk. It has high administrative overheads, is vulnerable to human error or theft, and typically involves costly off–site tape vaulting in order to meet disaster recovery requirements. Whilst Disk–to–disk backup is expensive to deploy and maintain.

Oriel’s Managed Cloud Backup service reduces costs and will eliminate or reduce your reliance on error prone and inadequate infrastructure, while improving data protection processes, speed and efficiency of data backup and restores. Managed Cloud Backup combines proven Riverbed Whitewater technology, Rapid Storage for Whitewater (cloud storage) and Oriel services to deliver automated, end–to–end, off–site protection and retrieval of backup data, for a simple monthly fee.

Managed Cloud Backup comprises the following components:

Rapid Storage for Whitewater

Rapid Storage is an online cloud storage service, and the first to be certified in Australia by Riverbed for Whitewater devices. Rapid Storage receives the backup data from the Whitewater devices and stores two separate, synchronised copies of the data in each of its two Tier 3 Australian–based data centres for added high availability protection.

Riverbed Whitewater Cloud Storage Gateway

These drop–in appliances enable high–performance, LAN–like access to cloud storage. Daily backups are deduplicated, encrypted and stored on the local disk cache of the device. The Whitewater device leverages WAN optimisation technologies to speed the replication of backup datasets to Rapid Storage.

Once the first full back up is replicated, it is only later changes that are transmitted. The local disk cache stores the most recent backups for rapid disk–based restoration, with the full backup dataset securely residing on Rapid Storage.

Oriel Management

As a Riverbed Elite Performance Partner, Riverbed Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP), Oriel is uniquely qualified to provide and manage your Cloud Backup solution. Oriel provides a highly proactive management service level utilising Oriel’s ORIZON infrastructure management platform to monitor and manage the infrastructure, ensuring maximum availability and performance of the complete cloud backup solution.