Managed WAN Optimisation vastly improves WAN efficiency without having to increase bandwidth. By accelerating the traffic, Oriel ensures the WAN becomes the enabler for the distributed business and not the bottle–neck.

For most distributed organisations, the Wide–Area Network (WAN) is the backbone of their business and critical to everything they do. It can be the enabler of business efficiency and agility, and should serve as a flexible platform from which to launch strategic initiatives. Yet poor performance and traffic congestion puts all that potential at risk.

Oriel’s Managed WAN Optimisation improves the productivity of users, the satisfaction of customers, and enables those many initiatives that were once stifled, such as:

  • Deployment of new applications
  • Centralisation and consolidation of infrastructure
  • Risk mitigation through improved business continuity and disaster recovery architecture

This service comprises the following:

Riverbed WAN Optimisation Technologies

Oriel designs and implements the complete Riverbed solution. Riverbed Steelhead appliances accelerate application performance (typically 5–50 times faster) and reduces bandwidth utilisation (typically 60–95%) through a combination of data deduplication, TCP optimisation, and application–level protocol optimisation. These devices can be deployed as shown or in redundant configuration for high availability. Riverbed offers proven, reliable, best–of–breed technology and provides a solid local and global support infrastructure for our customers.

Oriel Management

Oriel provides a highly proactive management service level for high availability with continuous fine tuning and regular patch maintenance to ensure the infrastructure runs at peak performance. Oriel utilises its own powerful infrastructure management platform, ORIZON, to continuously monitor all elements of the infrastructure and provide detailed statistical information, alerts and reporting. Full visibility is provided to you via the ORIZON customer portal.

As a Riverbed Elite Performance Partner, Riverbed Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Riverbed Authorised Support Partner (RASP), Oriel is uniquely qualified to provide and manage a WAN Optimisation Solution that will continuously deliver maximum value to your business.