Oriel’s Professional IT Services enable you to achieve the best outcomes from your IT infrastructure and resources. Oriel Professional IT Services serve as an extension to your IT team providing specialist skills when needed, and supporting the day to day IT demands of your business.

We put great store and effort into vendor accreditations, so you'll be certain to receive the very best support and service — every time.

Integration Services and Project Management

Oriel’s integration services seamlessly link presales to post sales support providing an end to end solution and relationship with the customer.

Oriel Professional Services Advantage (OPSA)

With Oriel OPSA prepaid service hours, your business can be assured of professional, expert and on demand services.

The benefits are better hourly rates and no PO’s needed each time support or service is requested, allowing Oriel to respond to your needs faster.

Insource Services

Being short of IT staff, having your staff members on leave or engaged in large projects, can add pressure to your team and reduce support levels.

Finding extra resources for any period can be difficult. Oriel provides onsite technical resources, for any length of time, to perform a range of functions from help desk staff of all support levels through to specialist engineers for internal projects and more.

We remove the overhead costs and time delay of organising short term contracts. We’ll find the right resource for your requirement and your business.

IT Relocation Services

>Business relocation can have a significant impact on an organisation’s IT resources. There is typically not enough spare capacity or experience within an IT team to manage the requirements of relocating. This can result in a significant degradation of IT service levels in the period leading up to – and during – relocation. Oriel offers a professional end–to–end IT relocation service that leverages the skills of our experienced project team and relationships with cross–industry relocation experts, to ensure a smooth and successful move for your business.

IT Health Checks and Assessments

Oriel will assess and report on the health of your specified IT infrastructure. These services focus on evaluating the correct implementation and operation of the infrastructure. Oriel will provide detailed findings and make practical recommendations for improving the efficiency of these solutions.



IT Audit Services

Oriel will Audit any aspect of your IT infrastructure and provide you with detailed documentation and recommendations against a documented design for best practice deployment of these technologies. Reports include software license quantities; hardware components; OS, software and firmware releases; maintenance and support coverage and can advise, if known, which products have reached end–of–sale and end–of–life.