Oriel’s Network Healthcheck service provides customers with an objective assessment of the current state of their network infrastructure, and specific recommendations arising from the findings of the assessment.

Offered as a packaged fixed price service of $4,999 (ex. GST), the Healthcheck is performed by senior accredited network engineers with a wealth of practical experience designing and trouble–shooting corporate networks.

The output is a fully documented report addressing all critical features of WAN, LAN and wireless network infrastructure, together with an assessment of identified risks and recommended remediation actions, and opportunities for enhanced performance.

The initial activity is a project kick–off meeting to review the customer’s networking requirements from a business perspective, as this in turn will provide the context for analysis of the “fitness for purpose” of the existing network architecture and infrastructure.

The Healthcheck then covers LAN, WAN and Wireless.

Network Security Option

As an additional option, customers purchasing the Network Healthcheck also receive a Network Security Review for an additional fixed price.

The Network Security Review covers Firewall Rule Sets, Secure Network Design and Segmentation and Secure Network Administration.

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