Does your wireless network frustrate your users by having more cold spots than hot spots? Do they complain it’s too slow or they can’t maintain a connection? A Wireless Network Survey from Oriel will help you improve service to your users and make the most of the investment you have already made in your wireless infrastructure.

While you may have conducted a site survey before you deployed your wireless network, the reality is that things change over time, and many things can impact the efficiency of your wireless network. For example:

  • Growth in the number of wireless devices deployed by their users.
  • New applications that consume more bandwidth.
  • Neighbouring RF signals, such as other wireless networks, cordless phones, bluetooth devices and even microwaves, can be changing daily.

What does Oriel deliver?

Oriel’s Wireless Network Surveys provide customers with a detailed assessment of their wireless network infrastructure against a defined set of metrics. Following the initial survey, Oriel makes specific remediation recommendations and performs simulation modelling to provide the customer with a picture of the projected impact of the proposed remediation – giving a “before” and “after” view of the coverage and performance of the wireless network.

Indicative Pricing

Pricing is adjusted based on the size and complexity of the environment. However, as a baseline indicator, surveys are typically carried out at a fixed price of $3,500 per 2,200 sq. metres of office space (ex. GST).

For further information including plan pricing and other options, please contact your Oriel Account Manager or email the Oriel Sales team or give us a ring on 02 9461 0100.