For the first time, with Pure Storage and Oriel, an all–flash array is not out of your reach!

Pure Storage is an enterprise storage company, recently valued at $3B US, who plans on becoming the dominant global storage vendor. They make an all–flash array, that replaces the traditional disk–based offerings such as EMC’s VMAX.

The product is at least ten times the performance of the conventional array, and a 10x improvement in reducing power consumption, 10x smaller, more reliable, infinitely simpler and now at a similar price. FlashArray is ideal for high performance workloads, including server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation (VDI), database (OLTP, real–time analytics) and cloud computing.

Data Centre Solutions

Businesses are placing greater demands on their data centres as they continue to evolve and grow. Our clients need to improve IT services and make them more adaptable, while at the same time reduce cost, risk, complexity and management overheads. Oriel keeps pace with new and emerging technology developments to ensure you always reap the benefits of the industry’s best practice and best technologies.



  • Server Infrastructure & Virtualisation
    • Standardise and consolidate your infrastructure to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.
  • Desktop Virtualisation
    • Improve security and manageability of your desktops. Oriel can help you to choose the right path for your desktop strategy.
  • Storage Infrastructure
    • Consolidate and centralise your data storage to improve utilisation, data availability and scalability.
  • Converged Infrastructure
    • Complete converged solution of servers, storage, networking provides your businesses with scalability, flexibility and the optimum use of systems infrastructure.
  • Private Cloud
    • Enable rapid provisioning and self service capability for your business units.
    • Enable a hybrid cloud model that combines your own infrastructure with other off–premises services such as Managed Hosting and Public Cloud Services.

Need help developing an IT Strategy or roadmap? Oriel’s Consulting Services Division can help.

Network Solutions

Oriel’s end–to–end core IT infrastructure skills across networking and systems gives us a unique and rich understanding of your business communications needs and how best to achieve them.

  • LAN & WAN
  • Data Centre Networking
  • Wireless Networking & Mobility
  • Unified Communications
  • WAN Optimisation & Application Acceleration
Security Solutions

Secure your business from internal and external threats by securing your applications, desktops, servers, network, internet access, remote users and mobile devices.

  • Firewalls
  • Virus Protection
  • Anti–spam
  • URL & Content Filtering
  • Email Filtering
  • Authentication
  • Intrusion Detection and prevention

Need help developing or improving your security strategy? Oriel’s Consulting Services Division can help.